1) The Trust shall be called ‘SAMATA SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST’ (Regd.). It is a body Corporate with perpetual seal.

The prime objective of the Trust is to create facilities for Education, Socio-economic and cultural development of the Society in general and of women, children, destitute and weaker sections in particular. The Trust has committed to provide education in order to make pupil true Indians irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sex, Race or Religion. This apart, Trust wants to study the problem of indiscipline among the youth and to impart a proper sense of values to develop their personality on right lines and try its level best to protect them against all unhealthy influence of anti-social elements.

Social change and social mobility are two sides of the same coin and both can be represented by social transformation. Education is viewed as an experience, which equips individuals through the process of learning to shoulder the responsibility. Thus education is a social instrument, which functions s a vital agent of socio-cultural change. The main aim of education is to preserve and enrich culture. Culture symbolizes the society and subsequently education emerges as an instrument of social transformation.

For your reference, we quote here, ‘thoughts on education’ expressed by a very big personalities of world. About 500 years before Christ, a Chines philosopher, Kuan Tzu (551-479 B.C) very rightly declared – if you plan for a year, plant a seed, if for ten years, plant a tree, if for two hundred years, teach people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest, when you teach people, you will reap a hundred harvests. Education plays a vital role in shaping our lives and life styles. It is an established fact that education is a catalyst of socio-economic transformation. This is the reason the trust has envisaged to have education as its prime objective.

Aldermen Olutola, a Nigerian educationist describes education as ‘a process of socialization of change and innovation of preservation and dissemination of societal values and of the total development of an individual from birth to death’. In his view, education has a great bearing on social structure, mode of living thought and behavior pattern and the personality structure of the individual.

Contribution of education to human progress is so vital, great demands in education are being made in to-day’s world; it also adopts new trends in society to prepare the future generation for change. In modern societies, education tends to become the master determinant of social transformation because it alone leads to higher occupational achievements. Most of us today believe that economic growth cannot be achieved without societal growth and that is why we often use term ‘socio-economic development’ rather than economic development.

2) The Trust shall be called ‘SAMATA SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST’ (Regd.). It is a body Corporate with perpetual seal.

- Creation of facilities for the Socio-economic and cultural development of the public in general and of women, children, destitute and weaker sections in particular; - Promotion of Research and dissemination of knowledge in various fields of human activities and welfare;
- Promotion of human rights and freedom including economic, social and cultural;
- Promotion of language and literature;
- Promotion of National Integration and Unity of India;
- Promotion of understanding and peace amongst Nations at the World;
- Promotion of Public Health;
- Promotion of Scholarships and Fellowship, grants etc. and to otherwise render financial assistance to deserving candidates;
- Promotion of rural development;
- Promotion of such other activities and projects for aiding to the welfare of the people;


i) To impart particularly education among the members of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and Minorities defined by Article 336(24) of the Constitution and have undergone or undergoing the disabilities due to untouchability.
ii) To establish School, Colleges, Teacher Training Institutions, Industrial Training Institutions and such other Institutions that may impart education and benefit those stated in 3(i);
iii) To establish Adult Educational and allied Centres in the Villages;
iv) To promote various cultural, literary activities among the members stated in 3(i) and develop them to mental, physical and in economic spheres so as to make them upright citizens and to induce a spirit of oneness among themselves;
v) To propagate the ideals of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar for establishing a casteless and Classless Society;
vi) To improve the Social and Economic conditions of the categories of people mentioned at 3(i)
vii) To publish books, journals and periodicals, pamphlets and conduct seminars mainly impressing upon the necessity to abolish Caste System and eradicate untouchability;
viii) To encourage writers, artists and dramatists who work for the propagation of removal of untouchability and Caste System;
ix) To encourage and help students belonging to SC, ST, BC and Minorities to achieve excellence to all fields;
x) To create a Nation-wide net-work for ameliorating the conditions of the SC, ST, BC and minorities;
xi) To raise funds, collect donations in cash or kind; to receive donations or gift or property, movable or immovable or acquisition thereof and on behalf of Trust, in such a manner as the Board of Trustees deem fit and proper to carry out the objects of the Trusts.
xii) To open and maintain account or accounts of the Trust in any Nationalised or Scheduled or Cooperative Bank or Banks defined under relevant Banking Regulations Act for the time being in force.
xiii) To pay all costs, charges and expenses, incidental to the management. Administration and execution of the Trust’s powers herein contained.
xiv) To appoint Staff, Teachers, Lecturers, Workers, etc. On the basis of merit to fix their salaries and to make rules and regulations or to amend them time to time
xv) To take over the management of any other public or charitable institutions, projects or branch of any such institutions on each terms and conditions as the Trustees shall deem fit and to manage such institutions.
xvi) To pursue any other objects deemed fit by the Trustees in furtherance of socio-economic, cultural and educational development of SC, ST, BC and Minorities.
xvii) To utilize the income of the Trust for the purpose mentioned hereinbefore and no part of the income be applied to the purposes of their dependents or any Member or relatives. All or any activities financed from the funds shall be conducted in accordance with or in furtherance of the ideals and objects stated hereinbefore.


Name of the post Name of the Office bearer/MC Member.
1) Chairman G. Muralidhar Rao,
M.A., LL.M (P),
2) Member Secretary Shri M. Janaiah,
M.A., LL.B.,
3) Treasurer. hri A. Shivraj
4) TRUSTEES: Shri P. Yadagiri, M.A., LL.B.,
Shri M. Nagesh, B.Sc.,
Shri J. Venkatesham,
Shri G. Satyanarayana, B.A.,
Shri Puli Pandu, B.A.,
Shri P. Vinod Kumar, M.A., LL.B.,
Shri M. Murahari,
Shri R. Chandrasekhar, B.E.,



Any person who pays a sum of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) to the Corpus of the Trust fund shall be member(s) for life.


Any person on paying Rs.2,500/- (Rupees Two thousand and Five hundred only) or above to the Corpus of the Trust fund becomes a Patron and also those who are requested by the Board of Trustees to accept the Office of the Patrons in view of their eminence in Education or other faculties and render their help and guidance to the Trust.
If any one of the Founder Trustees or Members fails to pay the subsequent amounts, his/her name will be removed from rolls.
f) The Board of Trustees may by a resolution from time to time modify the eligibility amount to Patron/life Member/Member.
g) The quorum for the Trustees to transact any business shall be one third of the total Trustees;


The Board of Trustees shall appoint from time to time with or without remuneration and on such terms and conditions as they may think proper a person or Committee as they deem proper to function under the authority and control of the Board of Trustees for carrying out the objects of Trust of these presents.
The Trust has opened Current Account with the Andhra Bank, Mehdipatnam Branch, Hyderabad.