About The Socity

Mr. Tata & Top 5 Business man New York, America in respect for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
(statue) United State of America.

All India EPF SC/ST Staff Federation General Council Delegates Meeting in Hyderabad

great difficulty, I have brought this caravan where it is seen to-day. Let the Caravan march on and futher and despite the hurdles, fitfalls and difficulties that may come in its way . if my people, my lieuteenants are not able to take the caravan ahid they should live it where it is seen today, but in no circumstances should they allow the caravan to go back.

About the society

The all India sc/st protection society ,a society that listens , cares and delivers has been in the social field for the past more than 5 Decades. It had pledged to follow and propagate the philosophy of Bharat Ratna Dr.Baba Saheb B.R. Ambedkar. Presently this society’s Office is located at D.No.10-3-7, 1st floor, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad-500 028 (a rented building). It is a non political National-level social organization and striving its best to redress the grievances of sc and st and other weaker sections in the society. The unique feature of this society is that it holds its General-body Meets every two years in the month of January by extending the Cordinal invitation to all its members, well-wishers and Members desire to witness the proceedings of the Meet and places before the Members, the Statement of Income and expenditure, details of activities together with important photographs, Articles on related issues, Messages by VIPs. Apart from this, it holds State-level conventions, Seminars, Symposiums, Lectures on various issues on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis in order to equip and update the knowledge of its Members. 1st Sunday of every Month, it convenes its Managing Committee Meets at its Mehdipatnam Office, Hyderabad on a specific ‘agenda’ and records the outcome in minuts book duly signed by the Members present and proceed accordingly. Issues Receipt for every contribution that made by its Members, Donors and maintains its Account.

JAI BHEEM PROJECT and its salient features:

Shri G.Muralidhar Rao, President of the Society had launched the’ jai Bheem project’ on the 9th May ,2015 in the Society’s premises at Mehadipatnam, Hyderabad. The Project is aimed at ‘acquiring OWN Office premises’ for the Society preferably within the vicinity of Hyderabad City, in order to commence multifarious activities such as Computer Cources, Coaching Center for all the Competitive Examinations both professional and non-professional including Civil Services, Spoken English, Career building and Family guidance , Counseling Centre, Free Legal Services and other required services by borrowing services of intellectuals in the fields and extend our helping hand to the need SCs, STs and other weaker sections of the Society mostly on free and concessional basis apart from its present services.

To eshtablish a National Library in the name of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar locating his entire writings in all the languages and writings of others including Study material/Books for various Competitive Examinations and daily News papers,magazines, periodicals;

To establish photo Gallery on Dr.B.R.Ambedkar by exhibiting rare photographs and his movement in the Country and abroad

Drafting India's Constitution

People paying tribute at the central statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University  in Aurangabad.

Conversion to Buddhism

Dikshabhumi,  a stupa at the site in Nagpur, where Ambedkar embraced Buddhism along with many of his followers


Annal Ambedkar Manimandapam, Chennai

Bust of Ambedkar at Ambedkar Museum in Pune


A bookseller in Chaitya Bhoomi peddles Buddhist calendars and books by Ambedkar

Training Center together with a Conference Hall:

We felt the need for a Training Center in order to train SCs,STs and other weaker sections injecting in them the philosophy of Dr.Ambedkar and to make them understand the issues related on right lines including Reservations.

We have to tell them the Reservation was predictably opposed by those who had been enjoying the monopoly of public services. Prejudices against us were very strong. Upper Caste Hindus held all decision-making in the administration and they worked out in such a manner that the reservation orders were either ignored or not at all implemented. The only check was the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes appointed as a Special Offices under the Constitution.

He Had no coercive power and many departments ignored the instructions issued by the Government. The government could know only when know only when deficiencies and irregularities were pointed out in the Commissioner’s Report which was not published regularly.

One Sub Caste is pitted against the other in many states. Unfortunately the SCs paid no heed to the advice given by Baba Saheb Ambedkar and instead of eradicating Caste divisions among themselves, religiously clung to their Caste and instead and imitated the Upper Caste Hindus in matters of rituals and ceremonies. This has weakend them politically, socially and economically.

This project is called as ‘JB PROJECT’. Members and well-wishers have pledged to complete the Project in 2 Phases within two years from 15thMay,2015. During first phase, we complete the ‘acquisition of land’ and in second phase, we complete the construction.

They can also pay their contributions through Crossed Cheques and DDs in favour of ’ALL INDIA SC/ST RIGHTS PROTECTION SOCIETY’ . For any other details, please contact Cell No.9391025414.